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Our Starter Pack is nearly everything you need to kick off cloth diapering! 

*Picture shows a cover for a view of entire cloth diapering system. Covers are purchased seperately. 


Package Includes: 

- Rental of pre-fold diapers

- BabyBlissNV re-usable diaper laundry bag (complimentary) 

- Weekly pick-up/delivery & laundering of diapers (4-weeks pre-paid) (recurring fee) 

- Reusable Cloth Wipes - toss in laundry bag with diapers each month (recurring fee) 

- Odor-free Diaper Pail Rental (recurring fee) 

- 1 pack of Snappi Diaper Fasteners  (one-time fee)


What's the Cost ? 

  • $170 first payment 
  • $162 / monthly subscription thereafter 


Other things we recommend: 

  • 4-6 Diaper Covers 
  • Wet-Bag for storing your dirty diapers when you are on the go. 

The Starter Pack

  • Cancellations will be accepted up to 1 week prior to your scheduled delivery/pick-up date. We will pick up your last week's used diapers but will not refresh with a clean bag. Pre-paid services will not be refunded.

  • Delivery & Pickup occurs once a week. Upon signing up for service will confirm your delivery dates. 

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