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Our Multi Generation Family

Providing an environmentally conscious

diaper option for your own growing family. 

The Dream Behind Baby Bliss NV 

We’d always wanted to cloth diaper our baby for so many reasons, but had imagined hiring a laundry service when the time came. There is enough laundry in this house as it is, but we discovered there was no available service in the Las Vegas area. Upon that revelation we set out to offer a rental and laundry service to the city we call home. In 2018 our dream became a reality when we launched Baby Bliss NV.

If you are considering cloth diapers for your little ones we want to help! You aren’t alone. Baby Bliss NV is here to be your partner on the diapering journey. We can’t wait to share our combined expertise (3 generations of cloth diapers) with you and your baby.

The Team Behind the Dream


Bob & Wendy ​

  • Bob: Delivery driver 

  • Wendy: business process and operations


Joe, Autumn, Brinley, & Grace ​

  • Joe: Lead Delivery & Sales Enablement

  • Autumn: Customer Service, Website, Social Media 

  • Brinley: inspiration for Baby Bliss NV 

  • Grace: 2nd family baby. Continued inspiration to help families cloth diaper


Tyler, Amber, & Francis 

  • Tyler: photographer 

  • Amber: Social media & research

  • Francis: 3rd family baby to love cloth diapers 

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