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Perfect barrier for keeping diaper creams or solids off diapers to allow for much easier cleanup. Must have if you need to use any diaper creams that contain zinc as those will bond to cloth diapers and reduce absorbancy. 


Flushable liners make clean up of diaper messes a whole lot easier.  No more rinsing or scraping poop into the toilet.  The lightweight but strong flushable fabric weighs about the same as a few sheets of toilet paper so it only creates a very small amount of waste, less impact than blowing your nose in tissue.  Speaking of blowing your nose these tissues contain no odors or chemical residue so they shouldn't create any allergic reactions.  They are super soft and comfortable and will not irritate your baby's skin.  They are made of 100% viscose-rayon a man-made material manufactured from natural replenish-able resources.

If you are using a septic tank or live where you may have old or damaged drain lines we suggest that you throw away liners that contain only urine and allow the poopy liners to soak a while before flushing.

There are 100 sheets per roll and each sheet is a little smaller than 5 x 12 inches (20 x 30 cm). Great for any size of any type of cloth diaper.  

Diaper Liners

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