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Have you seen those adorable diaper cakes at baby showers? Well, you can gift cloth diapers and have a sweet diaper cake too! We offer diaper cakes that can be customized to your heart's content. 

Base-Price includes a simple three-tiered diaper cake, 1 color ribbon and possibly stuffed animal.

Stuffed animal will be based upon availability/timeline to match your theme.  We will do our very best to make it happen, but will have to work within your parameters and the time available. Customizations will increase from the base price. 


However, if you've been on Pinterest lately and have your heart set on a more personalized diaper cake we will give you that cake! Upon completion of the order, we will reach out to you to make a plan. You will share pictures of your desired diaper cake and possibly order the additional baby items for shipment to our office. From there we will build the diaper cake and deliver to you for care-free gifting. 

Add to your gift order and make it even more memorable. 

Diaper Cake

  • Diaper cakes are considered an "add-on" item and go best when paired with 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months of pre-paid service. The diapers used to build the cake will be included in the inventory of diapers for use. (Ie: we will subtract that many diapers from the first delivery). 


    Diaper cakes can be fully customized. In the interest of offering a custom option to customers Baby Bliss NV will ask that ribbon, blankets, pacifiers, bottles, etc. used to enhance the diaper cake will be directly purchased by the customer and shipped to Baby Bliss NV for use in the diaper cake. 

    This is a personalized gift and therefore it is a highly personalized process. We look forward to speaking with you once the order is complete to dial in the finer details. 

  • Base pricing of diaper cakes includes the labor to build the diaper cake and the simple 1 color-ribbon (boy, girl, or gender-neutral). 

    Shipping charges are calculated at check-out. 

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