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Cloth Diaper family traveling to Las Vegas for a conference or family holiday? 

We can help! 


This is a fully customizable option for those families coming to the city, but want to keep up their cloth diaper routine.


We can provide you our pre-fold diapers so you travel with less of your own stash. 

You can bring your stash with you and we'll launder on your behalf so you go home with minimal dirties. 


Each stay is different so once you book we will reach out to you to finalize logistics based on your travel needs. 


Delivery is expedited and we aim to turn around in 24 hours. 

The quoted price is for one week or less worth of diapers in an expedited fashion. 

For longer stays, please contact us. 


Visitors Package

  • Pre-paid services will not be refunded.

  • Expedited Delivery & Pick Up. 

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